When to Skip Dinner

By: Lauren M. Koch, RDN

HA. You just thought a dietitian was about to give you permission to skip dinner, didn’t you? Actually, in this case, I almost am. Not that we ever do it (shhhhhh…).

Eating Ice Cream

My hubby, who is not the gifting type, really hit a home run this past Mother’s Day. He purchased what has quickly become my new obsession: an ice cream maker. I started out diligently following the recipes included in the box. But being the adventurous and health conscious chick that I am, soon went searching for better options. It wasn’t all good (actually some was pretty terrible).

But this. This is not only good. This is DROOL-worthy. Like, “quick! make more, so my kids don’t see how much I ate last night”-good.

Yes, there is sugar. A lot of it coming from vitamin-C, manganese, and fiber-rich strawberries. Other than that, it’s just a little heavy cream, water & lemon juice. Just five ingredients (and I can even pronounce them all!). So not only is it delicious, it’s also ridiculously simple.

And to me, simple is gold.

Check out “The Best and Easiest Strawberry Gelato Recipe You’ll Ever Make!” by Chef Dennis Littley to try out his recipe. Let me know what you think!



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