How to Taste Wine Like a Pro

Know that moment of panic when a waiter ceremoniously opens a bottle and presents you with a taste of the wine you ordered? Apparently (and I had to look this up), many restaurants refer to this as “The Ritual”. But I honestly think it’s just a way for servers & sommeliers to have a giggle during their work day. But maybe that’s just me.

Since I’m obviously NOT the wine expert (just a really efficient wine consumer), I want to defer to my friend Brandi. Her blog, The W(h)ining Army Wife is a really fun place to learn about everything wine. In this post, she walks us through how to taste wine without feeling like a complete moron.

Date night!

(if I can find a sitter…)

The W(h)ining Army Wife

This week for Wine Wednesday, I wanted to do things a little differently. You’ve been reading my tasting notes for a few weeks now, but I want to get youin on the (delicious) action!

So, I’m letting you in on my wine tasting secrets!

If you want to see how I do it in video-form, visit me on Facebook for my video breakdown (30 Aug, 8pm CST for the live vid)!

If you’d rather read it or want more details, scroll on down, friends!

FIRST, I want to let you all know that wine tasting can, ultimately, be very subjective! Of course, we should all be sensing the majority of the characteristics together, but if you find a flavor I don’t, or vice versa, that’s completely normal!

Don’t be embarrassed to share what you get just because it’s different from what someone else gets, is what I’m saying.


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